Our system is really small. So small that if we were to offer growler fills for everyone it'd be pretty likely that we'd be unable to keep all our tap lines flowing. As a result, we offer a limited number of memberships to our growler Cvlt.

Every year we work with a local artist to create a set of beautiful limited edition growlers - the kind of growler you want to hand down as a family heirloom.

Becoming a cvlt member gets you the following:

  • An insanely good looking 32 ounce growler
  • Six free refills of your growler
  • Access to growler fills (available only to growler cvlt members)
  • Invitations to growler-only special release events
  • Some other fun surprises

Why 32 ounce growlers? When’s the last time you ever finished a whole 64 ounce growler by yourself? We feel 32 ounces is the perfect amount of beer to bring home. It makes for a pint for you and a friend, or two pints for yourself – a super manageable amount of beer for a decent evening of drinking. Thirstier? Fill two growlers and you’ve got the same amount as a growler without being limited to a single type of beer. You can always save that second growler for another night as well, without having to worry about it skunking.